Module 4 Intermission Work

Demo Competition

If you are planning to demo a project at Demo Comp in week 1 of Mod 4, you MUST timebox your time over intermission and in week 1 to ensure you are meeting our expectations. We recommend setting aside specific times to work with your demo team over intermission to finish your demo BEFORE week 1 begins, and to really dig into week 1 lessons. Since there is a lot of work below, you will be responsible for balancing your time between these tasks.

FE & BE Prework

  1. Read through both the environments and continuous integration lessons. Then go back to a Mod 3 project and integrate CI. Note: Your tests will need to pass in order for it to succeed! For extra fun, set it up for automatic deployment after each PR is merged. (This will be necessary in Mod 4 projects) Deliverable
  2. Refamiliarize yourself with the basics of reading and evaluating technical documentation.
  3. Refamiliarize yourself with the HTTP request-response cycle, watch this video.
  4. Refresh your familiarity with the git rebase workflow. Read this article on git rebase and this article on merging vs. rebasing. Your mod 4 projects will require you to use a rebase workflow instead of merge.
  5. Submit your M4 Gear Up Lightning Talk here
  6. Complete the first draft of your cover letter using this cover letter checklist in preparation for your M4 professional development curriculum. Deliverable
  7. Begin to work on your Career Journal and complete the following steps here. Deliverable
  8. Submit at least one idea for Cross Pollination projects (you may submit more ideas within the first few weeks, but come up with at least one over intermission). Familiarize yourself with the spec here and submit here. Check out some of these ideas here for inspiration. (Note: You may not use these as a submission)

FE Only Prework

  1. Read Eloquent JavaScript: Chapter 17 - HTTP and Chapter 20 - Node.js. The exercises at the end of the chapters are great practice (your answers to these exercises will not be collected).
  2. Complete this lesson on writing a Node HTTP server - Walk through the lesson and code along; finish the functions getAllMessages and addMessage at the end of the lesson. Deliverable
  3. Read through the React documentation on Hooks. Build an Idea Box using Hooks. You might check additional resources like CSS Tricks and this detailed explanation of Hooks. Deliverable

BE Only Prework

  1. Complete the follow exercises in Wes Bos’s 30 Day Vanilla JS Coding Challenge and submit a link to your repo. Deliverable
    • Array Cardio Days 1 & 2
    • Objects & Arrays
    • Tally String Times with Reduce
    • Solve some Exercism challenges in Ruby, then redo them in JavaScript

Prework Submission

You are expected to have the prework completed by 5 pm on May 2nd, the Saturday before you start module 4. For the items marked as Deliverable, you will submit links to your finished work with this form.

Note: This prework should take no longer than 20 hours. Intermission is absolutely your time to rest and focus on self care. Plan accordingly with your schedules so you don’t add unnecessary stress.

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